Riscos de Oro, Nicaragua 2019

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    On May 4, 2019, an Ascenta team of 22 volunteers landed in Managua, Nicaragua. We were met there by two of the Peruvian translators who participated in our 2014 campaign to Cotabambas. In Rosita, we joined the same Calibre team as in 2016, and were met by new doctors and nurses, as well as the…

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    Riscos de Oro, Nicaragua 2016

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    Riscos de Oro Campaign, Nicaragua 2016 The medical campaign in 2013 in Riscos de Oro treated approximately 2,100 patients. The very¬†successful¬†follow up work in 2016, targeted between 2,100 and 2,500 beneficiaries. The Foundation Campaign Committee responsible for planning this campaign includes: Angelica Farris, R.N., Founding Member of the Board of Directors Laura McAlear, Director of…

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    Riscos de Oro

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    Riscos de Oro Campaign, Nicaragua 2013 The Ascenta Foundation organized 92 volunteers for this four day mission. Over 2,200 patients were treated in total. A team of ten optometrists and opticians examined 723 patients and dispensed 1,270 pairs of glasses. Fourteen more pairs of glasses were specially made in Canada and shipped to Nicaragua. Four…

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