Philippines 2008

    Leyte Campaign, Philippines 2008

    The majority of the volunteers were provided by the Health Office of Tacloban, the Philippine National Police (medical and dental units), the Philippine army, the Barangay offices (Suhi and Palanog), Our Lady of Peace Mission and Philippine Metals Corp.

    Each day of the mission we provided medical consultations/physical exams, eye exams, surgeries and dental treatment. Most of our medical supplies and all of our medications were purchased in the Philippines. Patients received free medications (eg. antibiotics, vitamins), prescription eyeglasses, minor surgeries, and dental treatment as needed. At the end of the mission, medical supplies, medication, surgical and dental instruments were donated to the City Health Office, the Philippine National Police Dental Unit, and to Our Lady of Peace, a charitable group from Manila who participated in the outreach.

    At the medical station, patients received an assessment and a physical exam before being referred to a different department if necessary and prescriptions for medications specific to their illness, if necessary. All of the children were also given vitamins. Family Care Packs containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, vitamins (adult and pediatric) and acetaminophen were also provided. Some patients were referred for laboratory and diagnostic tests (ultrasounds, x-ray, bloodwork etc.).

    The optometry section was well stocked with donated eyeglasses that had all been carefully labeled with their prescriptions. The optometrist took his time with each patient to assess their need to determine their prescription before fitting them with a pair of glasses. When possible, sunglasses were given to those with eye damage to provide protection.

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    Tacloban, Leyte, Phillippines 2008
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    In July of 2008, we traveled to Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines for a six day long mission divided between the communities of Suhi and Palanog. This mission, sponsored in part by Philippine Metal Corp., would be our biggest mission yet -- involving approximately 120 volunteers every day and a total of more than 3,500 patients. These volunteers included medical doctors, an optometrist, nurses, dentists, support staff and security.

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