The Sequel! A Night with James Bond – POSTPONED

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    Given the dynamic Covid-19 situation, and the uncertainty of how things might progress in the next month, we have elected to postpone the April 4, 2020 fundraiser until later in the year. We are circling the wagons to confirm a new date and will be in touch as soon as that information is available. Incidentally, the release of the new Bond film has also been delayed for the same reason – perhaps Bond Isn’t Back just yet.
    This decision was undertaken with an abundance of caution, but also with the realization that as a medical charity, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard than most especially when it comes to something like an infectious disease. While we believe the risk of contracting the virus at the event is presently very low, it is in the best interest of our guests and the Foundation to reconvene when people feel safe and can celebrate in full spirit!
    We hope you can attend the event on its new date, and we endeavour to bring that information to you as soon as possible. 

    With enthusiastic fist bumps from freshly washed hands,  

    The Ascenta Foundation Board of Directors

    Laura McAlear, Duncan Miller, Kirsten Kennedy, Robert Stenstrom, Hailey Hurst, Sarah Read, Elaine Reid, Brandon Baker and David Allard 



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