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    Riscos de Oro, Nicaragua 2019

    On May 4, 2019, an Ascenta team of 22 volunteers landed in Managua, Nicaragua. We were met there by two of the Peruvian translators who participated in our 2014 campaign to Cotabambas. In Rosita, we joined the same Calibre team as in 2016, and were met by new doctors and nurses, as well as the army for protection. In total the team numbered 101 individuals, our largest team to date. The clinic operated from May 6 to May 12 and offered medical, dental and optometry care, including a pharmacy stocked with medications, vitamins and supplies.

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    Riscos de Oro, Nicaragua 2016

    The Ascenta Foundation returned to Riscos de Oro, Nicaragua for its 2016 medical campaign. To see how the campaign progressed each day, please view our Facebook page: As in past campaigns, The Ascenta Foundation worked with a Canadian sponsor partner who assisted with in-country logistical planning and execution of the medical clinic. For this campaign, Calibre Mining Corp. again provided us with such support, and joined its partners IAMGold Corporation, Centerra Gold Inc. and B2 Gold Corp. in also providing significant financial contributions to the campaign.

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    On May 29, 2014, an Ascenta Foundation team of volunteers landed in Lima, Peru at 2:00 a.m. with 35 pieces of luggage, carrying over 500 lbs of medications and supplies. From Lima, the team travelled to Cotabambas, a remote village five hours south west of Cusco in the Andes Mountains. Photography by Michael Bednar (

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    Riscos de Oro

    In February, 2013, we traveled to Riscos de Oro, Nicaragua where we used a local school for our clinic, which offered medical, surgical, dental and optometry services, as well as a pharmacy equipped with $30,000 worth of medications, vitamins and supplies.

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    After months of preparation, a four-day medical/surgical/dental/optometry mission was carried out in Barangay Lawaan and Barangay Cahumayan, Cebu, Philippines. The outreach served 2,615 people and much needed medications and health care were provided.

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    In July of 2008, we traveled to Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines for a six day long mission divided between the communities of Suhi and Palanog. This mission, sponsored in part by Philippine Metal Corp., would be our biggest mission yet -- involving approximately 120 volunteers every day and a total of more than 3,500 patients. These volunteers included medical doctors, an optometrist, nurses, dentists, support staff and security.

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