Our beliefs

    The Ascenta Foundation believes firmly in the difference that basic health care can make in the lives of individuals and communities as a whole. All of our activities are guided by our mission statement and our values.

    Mission Statement
    To promote health and wellbeing by providing urgent medical, dental, optometric and surgical services to communities in medically underserved communities. To empower these communities through health education—on prevention, treatment and nutrition.


  • The Ascenta Foundation believes that overall health access should be available to everyone
  • The Ascenta Foundation is non-denominational and non-political
  • The Ascenta Foundation believes in working within the culture of the communities in which it operates
  • The Ascenta Foundation supports local economies, when feasible and economical, by purchasing medical supplies locally
  • The Ascenta Foundation is financially accountable to its donors
  • The Ascenta Foundation reviews and assess each mission to ensure that the community needs have been met