In 2007, a team of individuals and companies partnered to organize a medical mission to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. During the course of this five day mission, more than 1,700 individuals, ranging in age from one month to 85 years old, received medical attention. More than 480 people received eye exams and hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses were dispensed along with medication and vitamins. Approximately 64 people received basic surgery, and financial aid was provided to allow for follow up treatment for those patients with the greatest needs.

    Over the course of these five days, everyone who participated was touched deeply by how we were able to improve lives; individuals could now see, walk, talk and move far more freely because of the medication and services that we were able to offer. And yet, there were people who weren’t able to attend this mission and other communities that weren’t targeted.

    Because of all of this, the foundation was formed in 2008 in an effort to ensure that the momentum would continue. An independent board was formed of like-minded community members all focused on the simple question of “how can we help?” This board has been hard at work to organize further missions and to raise funds to help make a difference in the lives of children, adults and seniors around the world.